Kiwi Access Card

Photo Requirements

Technical photo requirements

  • Your photo needs to be taken within the last 12 months.
  • The photo must be in focus, with no red-eye or reflected light on the face.
  • The background must be plain and light, and with no shadows.
  • It must be a full front view of your face and shoulders.
  • Your head must be centred with a clear gap around the sides, top and bottom of the head.
  • Your cannot wear dark glasses, sunglasses or headwear (except for religius or medical reasons*)
  • Your photo must be printed on photo quality paper in colour
  • Portrait photo 35mm x 45mm in dimension
  • No selfies
  • Please note that the cost of the photos are additional to the application fee

Photo requirements

No background shadow or uneven lighting on the face

  • Stand slightly away from the background.
  • Ensure that the light source is balanced, natural lighting is best.

True likeness

  • The image must be a true likeness and not be altered or distorted in any way.
  • Have someone else take the photo, and ensure the camera is:
  • 1.5m back from the face
  • At eye level
  • If the camera is too close to the face, the nose and forehead may appear larger and the ears less visible.

Gap around the head

  • Your head must be centred with a clear gap around the sides, top and bottom of the head.
  • Strong contrast between the image and the background
  • Use a plain, light coloured background that is not white and does not contain objects or other people.

Face in full view

  • Face front on to the camera.
  • Hair should be off the eyes and sides of the face.

Eyes are clearly visible

  • You can wear glasses in your photo.
  • They cannot be sunglasses, tinted or thick-framed.
  • There can be no glare or flash reflection on the lenses.
  • There must be a clear gap between your eyes and the frames.

Neutral expression

  • Have a neutral expression with the mouth closed.

No hats, hoods, headbands or headscarves

  • No head covering or headband should be worn in the photo, unless you must wear either for religious or medical reasons.
  • *In this case you will need an provide details on your form (Step 2)


  • No selfies as it can distort the face

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