Evidence of identity for Seniors

Easy access to goods and services with the Kiwi Access Card

The Kiwi Access Card has been designed to give you the freedom you need to access goods and services throughout New Zealand. It is an easy and convenient way to help you get the most out of life, especially if you do not hold a valid driver licence and/or passport. The card has been specifically designed with New Zealand's over 60s and retired community in mind, to ensure you have a reliable and secure evidence of identity card.

The Kiwi Access Card has replaced the 18+ Card. It can be used as an evidence of age and identity card throughout New Zealand, and is available to both NZ nationals and foreign visitors.

What do I need to complete my application?

  • Two (2) identical recent passport sized colour photos
    of yourself.
  • Proof of the address you want your card delivered to.
  • Photo ID to prove who you are, this can be your:
    • Current 18+ Card or Kiwi Access Card
    • Passport
    • New Zealand Driver Licence
    • Firearms Licence
    • Certificate of Identity (issued under the Passports Act 1992)
    • Refugee Travel Document (issued by or for the New Zealand Government)

If you do not have one of these, you can still apply – you need someone who can prove you are over 18 and some other form
of identification, like your birth certificate. See step 6 of the application form for more information.

Where do I apply?

You need to take your completed form, $60, your identification, proof of address, and two passport sized photographs to a participating NZ PostShop or AA Centre. Check 'Where to Apply' for store locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Read our list of frequently asked questions.
If you have further queries you can email us at kiwiaccessinfo@eslltd.zendesk.com or phone 04 333 2834, between 10am-3pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

What happens next?

  • The NZ PostShop or AA Centre will send your application to be processed.
  • Keep hold of your receipt until you have received your card.
  • You will get your Kiwi Access Card delivered by courier in about two weeks.